Monday, 30 July 2012

Relationship with the pain of the teeth back pains

Revealed recent medical study conducted by British researchers at the University of London, UK, that there is a close relationship between dental pain excruciating and the pain and inflammation of the vertebrae, where the researchers stressed that failure to meet with teeth jaws in sound situation leads to the pain of neck, head and back, and even the feet as well.

The researchers attributed this to the contractions that occur in the muscles during the chewing process and start from the neck to the shoulders and then back in full and extending to the feet.

They pointed out that failure to meet jaws proportions correct a number of reasons, including off a tooth without compensation by other industrial, as well as a result of any treatment of wrong tooth, or a birth defect, noting that it may suffer a person in this state of a number of symptoms can be identified Calduchh and a sound when chewing food and pain in the tongue and ear, and a desire to constantly pressure on the teeth, according to the agency stated, "Middle East News."

They added that the person suffering the most tense of the side effects of this offer so you must get rid of stress and anxiety as much as possible, and try to overcome the pressure until the nerve treatment successfully.

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Live without a breath

New mutation in the medical world
May enable people to stay on without a breath of life may

Scientists find new method to control the oxygen in the blood which enables people to survive without breathing, and this development had a sudden change in the science of medicine by reducing the need to keep the patient on a respirator during complex operations.
These procedures work by injecting oxygen molecules added to the fatty molecules directly into the bloodstream may allow people to an additional thirty minutes of life with no breathing.

The injection of oxygen in the bloodstream may help keep patients who can not breathe alive while they are subject to medical treatment.
(John Kher) Hospital Boston doctor for children after the start of this research that saw the tragic death of a child who was treat them.
Where to start working on the idea beyond the pulmonary system and inject oxygen directly into the blood, and pointed out preliminary experiments that the idea can be implemented in theory but the injection of pure oxygen in the bloodstream form gaseous failed miserably when trying for 100 years earlier in order to shape the bubbles in blood vessels.
       It was found Kher The use of molecules greasy look and which we call the lipids are the best way to maintain the oxygen in the liquid form, after the use of sound waves to merge the two together in the form of particles small does not see except under a microscope, according to Dr. Kher carry those particles from three to four times the the oxygen content of natural blood cells.
The new discovery gives people 30 minutes of oxygen, however Vhaknha for more than this may lead to damage to the blood of the patient.

Seven tips to protect women from baldness

Hair loss is a serious problem experienced by many women and men alike as a result of various factors, such as bad diet, pollution and a lot of drinking alcohol. 

Not only the causes of this problem, which can lead to baldness on this, but that stress, depression, exposing hair to chemical products may cause as well as in the incidence of hair loss that causes baldness.

In this sense made ​​famous beauty expert Jarem our seven tips for men and women to nourish hair and prevent baldness without the need for expenditure incurred by the other doctors.

Here are seven tips: 

First - Garlic: 

Help massage the scalp Basarp garlic in its natural hair loss treatment to the fact that garlic is rich in sulfur, which helps feed the hair and install it. 

Secondly - fenugreek seeds: 

These seeds are used in massage the scalp gently after soaking in water, then damage to a towel around the head for three hours and then wash the hair thoroughly to get rid of the remnants of the arena and smell. 

Thirdly - Hasa Laban: 

Help pomade oil extracted from this plant in stimulating blood circulation to the skin of the scalp, which prevents hair loss. 

Fourthly - Egg yolks:

The use of egg yolk paint in the scalp after the addition of a little milk in the face of hair loss. 

V. - onion juice and honey: 

As well as possible ways to treat hair loss massage areas that suffer from hair loss or baldness with a mixture of grated onion and honey. 

VI - Mustard seeds: 

Of well-known methods in the treatment of hair loss boil the seeds of mustard and drinking waters. 

Seventh - coconut milk: 

You can also massage your scalp coconut milk to counter hair loss

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Toxins in our body

Too much sugar or too much fat and a little of the sport and physical exercise. A lot of tension and a little relaxation. It factors adversely affect our health and our bodies pay to accumulate toxins. Thus, we feel that our health have come to suddenly, without apparent cause, and became our skin
Dull and lacking sparkle and freshness to.
So, you must grant the body break every now and then and rid it of the accumulated toxins.

Here are some  help full links where you can get help to get rid of toxins from the body.

Remove puffiness from body
If you want to quit smoking ...

If a lot of eating last night ...

If a lot of eating last night ...

Be careful the next day to drink plenty of fluids and refrain from proteins. Drink in the morning frosty lemonade (125 ml of lemon juice with 750 ml of lukewarm water).
At lunch, drink vegetable juice (such as zucchini, tomatoes and onions) and eat 350 g of fresh vegetables (asparagus, spinach, squash or eggplant grilled ...). In the evening, ActiveX drink a dish of hot soup low-fat.

Remove puffiness of your body ...

If you want to remove puffiness of your body...

Follow the program remover of toxins through the weekend. Eating in the morning, whole egg or two slices of whole-grain bread with a slice of turkey low-fat meat. Also drink a cup of skim milk or a cup of green tea mixed with lemon juice.
At lunch, eating fish with vegetables. In the evening, drink a soup of vegetables and fruit. And do not forget the importance of Atren drink of water every day.

If you want to quit smoking ...

If you want to quit smoking ...

You need to a month to rid your body of the poisons of tobacco. Dealt with in this month's foods that satisfy hunger and block (such as lentils and pasta), proteins Alhebrh (such as meat and white meat chicken free of skin and white fish.)
Also focused on fiber-rich vegetables that fill the hunger and improve digestion. You can also clean your body by drinking «milk clay». Dissolve a teaspoon in a cup of water and leave aside the glass all night. The next morning, move the content of the cup and drink it again.