Saturday, 21 July 2012

Seven tips to protect women from baldness

Hair loss is a serious problem experienced by many women and men alike as a result of various factors, such as bad diet, pollution and a lot of drinking alcohol. 

Not only the causes of this problem, which can lead to baldness on this, but that stress, depression, exposing hair to chemical products may cause as well as in the incidence of hair loss that causes baldness.

In this sense made ​​famous beauty expert Jarem our seven tips for men and women to nourish hair and prevent baldness without the need for expenditure incurred by the other doctors.

Here are seven tips: 

First - Garlic: 

Help massage the scalp Basarp garlic in its natural hair loss treatment to the fact that garlic is rich in sulfur, which helps feed the hair and install it. 

Secondly - fenugreek seeds: 

These seeds are used in massage the scalp gently after soaking in water, then damage to a towel around the head for three hours and then wash the hair thoroughly to get rid of the remnants of the arena and smell. 

Thirdly - Hasa Laban: 

Help pomade oil extracted from this plant in stimulating blood circulation to the skin of the scalp, which prevents hair loss. 

Fourthly - Egg yolks:

The use of egg yolk paint in the scalp after the addition of a little milk in the face of hair loss. 

V. - onion juice and honey: 

As well as possible ways to treat hair loss massage areas that suffer from hair loss or baldness with a mixture of grated onion and honey. 

VI - Mustard seeds: 

Of well-known methods in the treatment of hair loss boil the seeds of mustard and drinking waters. 

Seventh - coconut milk: 

You can also massage your scalp coconut milk to counter hair loss

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