Monday, 30 July 2012

Relationship with the pain of the teeth back pains

Revealed recent medical study conducted by British researchers at the University of London, UK, that there is a close relationship between dental pain excruciating and the pain and inflammation of the vertebrae, where the researchers stressed that failure to meet with teeth jaws in sound situation leads to the pain of neck, head and back, and even the feet as well.

The researchers attributed this to the contractions that occur in the muscles during the chewing process and start from the neck to the shoulders and then back in full and extending to the feet.

They pointed out that failure to meet jaws proportions correct a number of reasons, including off a tooth without compensation by other industrial, as well as a result of any treatment of wrong tooth, or a birth defect, noting that it may suffer a person in this state of a number of symptoms can be identified Calduchh and a sound when chewing food and pain in the tongue and ear, and a desire to constantly pressure on the teeth, according to the agency stated, "Middle East News."

They added that the person suffering the most tense of the side effects of this offer so you must get rid of stress and anxiety as much as possible, and try to overcome the pressure until the nerve treatment successfully.

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